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Banquet Terms and Conditions

Banquet Terms and Conditions

1. ASSIGNMENT/CONFIRMATION OF FUNCTION SPACE: The function space assigned indicates the space is tentatively being held and will be held on a definite basis upon signing of the Event Order (“EO”). The terms and conditions of any group sales or catering sales agreement previously signed regarding this event remain in force and the EO is intended to provide specific function/event information in support of the original agreement. If for any reason the function space reserved is not available for your event, you agree that we may substitute space of appropriate size and comparable quality for your event. If you plan to print or publish the assigned space, please contact us first to confirm the room assignment.

2. GUARANTEE OF ANTICIPATED REVENUE: At least 72 hours (3 business days) before your event, you must inform us, in writing, of the exact number of people who will attend your event. The arrangements set forth on the reserve side of your EO will serve as the final arrangements for your event. The services, products, fees, etc. as noted will be provided at the time of your event and you will be charged based on the event guarantee that you give us or the number of people indicated at the time you signed the sales agreement or the EO, whichever is greater. We will not undertake to serve more than 3 % more than this guaranteed minimum.

3. LABOR CHARGE: If the guaranteed number for your event is less than 30 persons, we will add a $75 labor charge to your account. This will be used to cover our costs of the event and will not be distributed as a service charge or gratuity to our employees working at your event.

4. OVERTIME: You agree to begin your event promptly at the scheduled start time and agree to have your guests, invitees and other persons vacate the designated event space at the end time indicated on the final EO. You further agree to reimburse us for any overtime wage payments or other expense incurred by us because of your failure to comply with these regulations.

5. GRATUITY & SERVICE CHARGE: 14.5 % of the food and beverage total plus applicable state or local tax will be added to your account as a gratuity and fully distributed to servers, and where applicable, bussers and/or bartenders assigned to the Event. 9.5 % of the food and beverage total, plus any applicable state or local tax, will be added to your account as a service charge. This service charge is not a gratuity and is the property of the Hotel to cover discretionary costs of the Event. The total charge is 24%

6. PRICE INCREASES: There may be increases in prices due to unforeseen changes in market conditions at the time of your event. We will communicate these increases to you in advance. We will require written confirmation that you agree to pay these increased prices. Alternatively, we, at our option, may in such event make reasonable substitutions in menus and you agree to accept such substitutions.

7. SET UP CHARGES. Should extensive meeting room set-ups or elaborate staging be required, there will be a set-up charge to cover Hotel costs and additional labor. If equipment is necessary that exceeds Hotel’s inventory, then you agree to pay for the cost of renting this additional equipment. You agree to indemnify us for any damage caused to any Hotel property as a result of drayage related to your event, whether caused by you, your agents, employees, or contractors.

8. OUTSIDE FOOD AND BEVERAGE: Due to state law, you may not bring into the Hotel alcoholic beverages. You must obtain prior approval from us before you bring in any food or non-alcoholic beverages from outside sources. A Hold Harmless Agreement and Liability Insurance are required if food or beverage products not purchased and served by Hotel staff are brought in for consumption by your guests. Service fees will apply to any outside food or beverage served in our function space regardless if Hotel labor is required.

9. AUXILIARY AIDS: The Hotel represents and you acknowledge that the Hotel facilities being rented for you including guest rooms, common areas and transportation services will be in compliance with our public accommodation requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act. You agree that you will furnish to us a list of any auxiliary aids needed by your attendees in meeting or function space at least two weeks prior to your event. You agree to pay all charges associated with the provision of such aids by the Hotel.

10. PROMOTIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: We have the right to review and approve any advertisements or promotional materials in connection with your function which specifically reference the Hilton name or logo. Hilton does not offer or accept any terms or conditions which provide commissions, rebates, HHonors points or other forms of compensation related to revenue for food, beverage, room or equipment rental.

11. CANCELLATION: You may cancel this agreement only upon giving written notice to us. The parties agree and understand that in the event of a cancellation, our actual damages would be difficult to determine. Therefore, you agree to pay the liquidated damages outlined in your sales agreement, if any, or the guarantee amount as set forth in paragraph 2, whichever is greater. As products and services must be purchased and scheduled in advance, notification seven (7) business days or less before the event will require all charges (including labor and service fees, rentals and applicable taxes) for the final guarantee or contracted number of guests will be charged. Additional damages may be owed for cancellation of your sleeping room contract.

12. CONDUCT OF EVENT: Group agrees to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws including health and safety codes and federal anti-terrorism laws and regulations including compliance with the provisions of 29 CFR part 470, and our rules, copies of which are available from the hotel’s sales department. Group agrees to cooperate with Hotel and any relevant governmental authority to ensure compliance with such laws. You assume full responsibility for the conduct of all persons in attendance at your event and for any damage done to any part of our premises during the time of your event. Should you require any rigging services for this event, all such services must be arranged through the in-house AV provider or the Hotel and you will be responsible for all costs associated therewith.

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