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Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

At Hilton Hotels Corporation, protecting the Environment is a top priority. Responsible environmental activity is good for both our business and the community. Hilton has developed a comprehensive company-wide policy to promote business practices that help preserve the environment. We provide guidelines for all of our facilities, and our goals are to “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle” as much as we can.

The Hilton Atlanta is committed to promoting the practice of sustainable hospitality through energy and water conservation, waste reduction and recycling. We will strive to maintain an exceptional guest experience while incorporating environmentally conscious practices into our operations. We will seek to engage our team members and our guests to “think green” through ongoing education and awareness programs.

Hilton Atlanta’s Green Initiatives:

Energy Conservation
Energy-saving compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs save energy throughout the hotel
Meeting rooms utilize thermostat timers for efficient heating/cooling based on event schedules
Executive Offices and meeting rooms equipped with motion/sound-sensitive lighting system

Water Conservation
Guest bathrooms use ultra low-flush toilets
Guest bathrooms use water restricted shower heads
Linen and towel reuse program for multiple-night guests

Recycling & Waste Reduction
Recycle all cardboard products used in the hotel. This includes boxes, cartons, crates, to-go cartons, etc.
Old furnishings, linens, curtains, dishware and bedding donated to local charities
Hotel kitchen provides bulk dispensers and reusable containers for beverages, food and condiments
All mercury-containing light bulbs (fluorescent, halogen) are gathered and properly recycled
E-waste products (electronic equipment, batteries) are gathered and properly recycled
Fitness center uses shampoo/body wash dispensers in place of individual bottles
In each of our dining outlets, linen napkins, silverware and tablecloths are used when food and beverages are served. During each of our meetings and conference dinners and banquets, reusable items are also used.

Easy access to public transportation and relationships with rental car agencies that offer hybrid rental vehicles
Vegetarian dining options available and incorporated into regular menu
Digital signage has replaced paper for many meetings
“Green” paperless tools such as e-proposals, POGs (Private Online Group Webpage) and e-events
Paperless check-in and check-out

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